Borrower Application
Borrower Application
Covid-19 Loans
HFLA is dedicated to suppporting the Jewish community of Washington State during this time of uncertainty and with the generosity of several members of the Jewish community, HFLA is able to offer loans of $750 to help you through this time without requiring guarantors .  ​For loan amounts of greater than $750, see our regular loan application page.
If you have any questions, contact our office at (206) 397-0005 or email at
Payment terms: 
  • Loan repayments are tailored to the applicant during the loan interview.
Borrower eligibility:
  • Be a Washington State resident, having lived in Washington for at least 6 months,  and be Jewish
  • Have some income for which to repay the loan
  • Submit your application
  • You will be contacted to by the office, and an interview may be scheduled
  • After the interview HFLA’s administrator will let you know if your loan is approved
  • If the loan is approved, you will be sent a promissory note to sign and return
  • Then your funds will be sent 
  • The application can be completed online
  • Send your completed application to 
Feel free to call or email the office if you have further questions
Email:   Phone:  (206) 397-0005