2018:  HFLA Loan Statistics

In 2018, HFLA made 20% more loans than the previous year.
Applicants who came to HFLA did so for many reasons but the two primary reasons borrowers requested loans was for help affording tuition and housing.  In 2018, requests for education and housing loans out paced all other tracked loan categories. We also found, twice as many women applying for loans as men.
Did you know?

*  HFLA makes confidential loans free of interest, does not charge any loan fees, and sets repayment schedules individually based on each borrower’s financial circumstances.


*  We provide loans for education, medical and dental care, all types of living expenses and situations where cash-flow is tight.

*  We believe that by improving the well-being of individual community members, HFLA loans strengthen the financial and communal health of Washington State Jews and demonstrate that the Jewish community’s safety net and commitment is there for them.

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