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Scholarship Overview


The Hebrew Free Loan Association offers scholarships for higher education for Washington State students with financial need.  Our funding goal is to offer $150,000 in scholarships for the 2023 - 2024 academic year.

If you are not eligible for a scholarship, or you apply but are not awarded a scholarship, or if the award amount is not enough to cover the cost of your higher education expenses, you may also apply for an interest-free SAF Loan of up to $7,500.


Questions? Contact our office at or call (206) 397-0005

HFLA Jewish Student Scholarship

Opens April 2 - 30, 2023, decisions by June 30


HFLA's Jewish Student Scholarship is open to Jewish residents of Washington State with financial need. It provides scholarships to students attending community college, undergraduate, vocational and technical schools. (Graduate programs not eligible)

Student Access Fund (SAF) Loan

Opens May 1 - 30, 2023, decisions by July 15


SAF loans are interest-free, no fee loans of up to $7,500 for students to use towards their higher education expenses. There are no fees for the life of the loan. Students must be 18-years, or older to apply.

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More Scholarship Opportunities

  • Hillel International Scholarships

The Hillel International Scholarship page contains hundreds of scholarship for Jewish students. Go to their website and look for a scholarship that matches your studies. Hillel International

This is a list of the currently available information for Jewish student scholarships.   For the most up-to-date scholarship information contact Hillel at University of Washington directly. Scholarship applications accepted until May 1, 2020.  For questions, contact the Hillel office directly at (206) 527-1997 or e-mail

  • Leadership 1000 Scholarship

There are 4 scholarships available for Jewish, Washington State residents with significant financial need through College Success Foundation at These are four-year scholarships. The application process typically starts mid-January with applications due mid-March. This is a needs based scholarship. If you qualify, fill out the application and submit. Please call Hillel UW Executive Director, Amee Huppin Sherer, at (206) 527-1997 so she can alert the Foundation that you are applying. There is not a way to designate yourself as Jewish on the application.

We are a company founded by Carnegie Mellon and Stanford graduates, who all relied on scholarships and other financial aid to pay for college. We make it easier for students to find and apply for scholarships and simpler for scholarship providers to create and manage them. We come together from different backgrounds and skill sets but share the same mission: to give every student truly equal access to life-changing education.

   Other Resources

Questions? You can reach us at         206.397.0005

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