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The Hebrew Free Loan Association is proud to provide zero-interest
loans for Jewish individuals in Washington State
The General Loan provides up to $6,000 in funding to meet your financial needs. This service is completely interest-free and has no fees for the life of the loan. The program is funded through donations from the community. Repayments are recycled to new loan applicants. 
If you have any questions, contact our office at (206) 397-0005 or email at


Borrower loan criteria:
  • Be a Jewish Washington State resident, having lived in Washington for at least 6 months
  • Have some income for which to repay the loan
  • Complete the borrower's application form
Guarantors:  General loans require a guarantor
  • One guarantor is required for a loan of up to $6,000
Guarantors have the following requirements:
  • Have some income for which to repay the loan
  • Complete the guarantor form
  • HFLA prefers that the guarantor live in Washington State, or have a familial relationship with the borrower (cannot be a spouse).
  • Applications are considered complete once you and your guarantor have submitted them
  • Once we have the applications, you will be contacted to schedule an interview
  • After the interview, HFLA’s administrator will let you know if your loan is approved
  • If the loan is approved, you will be sent a promissory note to sign and return
  • Then your funds will be sent 
  • The application form are automatically submitted, and you will receive a copy in email
Payment terms: 
  • Loan repayments are tailored to the applicant during the loan interview.
Please call or email the office if you have further questions about HFLA's loan process.
Email:   Phone:  (206) 397-0005
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