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Permanent Named Funds

At HFLA, with a gift of $10,000 or more, you can create a permanent named fund that will continue into perpetuity. Gifts from you, your family members and friends will be credited to this fund. These gifts are unrestricted, unless otherwise agreed upon.

To setup or learn more about how to setup a Permanent Named Fund, contact our office: 206.397.0005 or

Thank you for considering HFLA as a home for your meaningful gift.

Dr. Irwin & Babette Schiller

Alan, Michael, and David, along with their families, honor their parents Dr. Irwin and Babette Schiller who have built a long-lasting legacy based on Family, Torah and Acts of Loving Kindness.

To donate to the Dr. Irwin & Babette Schiller fund, mail a check or donate here

Stones of Meaning

The Brashem Family Fund

To donate to The Brashem Family Fund, mail a check or donate here


Your Fund

This space is open for your
Permanent Named Fund.

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