Student Access Fund (SAF)
Application Information

May 1st – May 31st

Open Enrollment has ended for this year, thank you.




Loan Decisions 


June or early July

Loan funds released


Program Eligibility

To be eligible for a SAF loan the borrower must be 18 years old, enrolled in an accredited, degree-granting institution of higher education.


  • Be 18 years of age

  • Self-declared affiliation with the Jewish community

  • Resident of Washington for at least 6 months

  • Have a sufficient number of guarantors

  • Proof of enrollment for Fall semester or quarter to an accredited, non-profit institution in the United States (e.g., undergraduate, vocational, technical, or community college program). Accepted proof – a tuition bill and or schedule for fall semester.

  • Provide Financial Aid Award Letter from school student will be attending

  • Must not have been convicted of a felony



Excluded for 2021/22 academic year

  • Certificate programs

  • Continuing education classes

  • For-profit programs 

Applicants can apply for these loans through the general fund. As the fund grows larger HFLA hopes to expand eligibility, though for-profit programs aren't eligible for SAF funding.


Dear Community, we are not accepting new applications at this time. We will announce next year's SAF openings in January 2022.


Repayment Schedules

Required Documents

  • Borrower application

  • Two guarantors (a married couple is one guarantor)

  • Supporting documentation

    1. Proof of Enrollment (Fall class schedule or tuition bill)

    2. Institution’s Student Financial Aid Award (if applied for aid)

    3. Photo ID with proof of age (driver’s license, student id & birth certificate)