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HFLA Jewish Student Scholarship

Awards up to $6,500

This scholarship is for  students in Washington State with financial need

Who can apply?

High school rising seniors, undergraduates, and current vocational / technical students

Important Dates



Application Opens

April 1 - April 30, 2023

Scholarship closed


Student Interviews 



Scholarship decisions

Required Documentation

  1. Photo ID (driver’s license, student id) 

  2. Proof of Enrollment (acceptance letter, fall class schedule, tuition bill)

  3. Student Financial Aid Award

  4. Transcript  if you are a current student at college, community college, vocational or technical school, upload your current transcript with cumulative GPA.

  5. References - 2 Letters of Reference

Current high school students entering higher ed do not need to upload their transcripts.


  • Jewish:  Self-declared affiliation with the Jewish community

  • Washington state resident:  for at least 6 months

  • Student must be age 25 or younger

  • Eligible post-secondary students: College, community college, voc / tech students.

  • Current post-secondary student GPA:  3.0 min GPA

  • High school applicants:  no GPA requirement 
  • Proof of acceptance: for Fall academic term, to an accredited, non-profit institution in the United States (e.g., undergraduate, vocational, technical, or community college program). 

  • Financial Aid Report from school 

 Not Eligible

Graduate school

Overseas study

Application Questions 
If you would like to preview the questions in advance, click here.


Contact us  or  206.397.0005

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