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Founded by immigrants blocked from obtaining financial resources from traditional channels, HFLA was created in the 1880s to serve the Jewish community’s need for capital to build their homes and businesses in their new country. Since that time, HFLA has contributed to the Jewish community through its interest-free loan program

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Left-Top:   Moshom (Patatel) Eskenazi (returned to Turkey after 5 yrs, Jacob Policar, Moshom Adatto (returned to Turkey)

Left-Bottom:  Soloman Alhadeff, Solomon Calvo

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In 1914, the Hebrew Free Loan of Washington State was established by four men who wanted to better the lives of newly arrived Jewish immigrants in Seattle:  S.B Goldman, Harry Lerner, E. Friedman, and P. Schneider


Since that time, HFLA has been in continuous operation to fulfill the mission of our founders. 


We are a member of IAJFL, the

International Association of Jewish Free Loans. 


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