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On Behalf of Common Decency

HFLA stands firmly behind the African American community's rightful desire to be treated equally among peoples, to receive equal justice under the law and to be treated with common decency.


HFLA's mission is to act, to prevent individuals from experiencing unnecessary financial hardship and to offer a life-raft towards opportunity.


Our mission is to do this work for the Jewish community and on behalf of the Jewish community, under the social justice umbrella of making the world a better place; Tikkun Olam.


As Jews, in each of our personal experiences we have felt discrimination, we have felt the sting of unwarranted bias, and we have been treated unfairly because we are Jews. We remember that pain and the sting from uncloaked anti-Semitism.


What took place in Minneapolis is more than a sting, more than a pain; it is a blight. We cannot and we should not, with all our power, ignore it. Do what you can within your own possibilities.


HFLA will continue to act to offer support and opportunity when it comes to our doors. When all people are treated with grace, the world will be a better place.

Hebrew Free Loan Association is a JCRC Community Council Institutional Member

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